Auto insurance discount overview

It's always nice to have a discount for something you're not very willing to buy in the first place. For car owners it's auto insurance that they have to get every year and which may cost quite a lot depending on the car being insured and the amount of coverage included. But with the help of discounts you can cut your insurance costs and enjoy having cheap auto insurance without giving up the coverage you really need. If you're not aware which discounts you can benefit from consider the following common rebates offered by the majority of insurance companies:

Safe driver

Safe drivers with clean driving record and lacking any insurance claims in the past are the best type of customers insurers can have since their likelihood of using the coverage is quite low. That's why they tend to get the lowest rates possible and can opt for good discounts. If you have been with the same company for a couple of years and never had an accident you can get a great cut from your premiums.

Early purchase

Some companies encourage customers to change their current providers by offering early purchase discounts. It is granted if the customer buys a policy during a limited term before the renewal date of their current policy comes. The discount itself is usually minor but if you actually shop around beforehand and manage to find a cheaper offer and take out this discount it can save you quite a lot of money.

Good student

If you're a full-time student, younger than 25, auto insurance can be quite expensive since you make a part of an age group that usually gets the highest rates. However, if you have good grades and provide a copy of your grade report to the insurer you can get a very good rate reduction.

Auto equipment

If your car is equipped with different features that effectively reduce the risk of a claim or help minimizing the impact of a crash then you can get a decent discount. These features include additional airbags, motorized seatbelts, anti-theft devices, anti-lock brakes and other improvements to the basic model of your car. Make sure to inform your insurer about additional features you've installed after buying your policy in order to get your discount.

Multiple autos

Multiple car owners can benefit from having good discounts if they buy a single policy for all their cars. If you have two or more cars it's cheaper to cover them with a single policy rather than buy separate policies for each vehicle. And your insurer will also encourage you with a good discount on top of that.

Multiple policies

Large insurance companies that offer different types of insurance services like it when their customers buy different types of policies from them. For example, if you buy health insurance from the same provider you already have auto insurance with there will be a great discount coming your way.

Low mileage

Drivers that don't drive much can have their rates reduced with a low mileage discount. It usually applies in case your yearly mileage is lower than 10,000.