Auto insurance and young drivers

Being a young driver isn't the best thing with respect to auto insurance. All insurance companies regard teen drivers aged less than 25 as high-risk drivers and charge them respectively. And there's a reason for such a pricing decision since the statistics aren't on the younger drivers' side. Teen drivers don't have much driving experience while commonly showing a risk-taking behavior in traffic, which results in a higher number of insurance claims and serious accidents for this age group compared to all other demographic groups of car owners. Sometimes teen drivers can pay twice as more as their older peers for the same set of coverage from the same insurer. Sure, it's quite disappointing but this doesn't mean that you're bound to pay a lot for having your car insured all the time. There are effective strategies for reducing insurance costs, and you may find them really useful if you don't want to overpay for auto insurance.

Stay with your parents' policy

Teens are known for their constant thirst for independence and individuality, which can sometimes take a strange form. Wanting a car of their own is certainly one of those forms, but it's not as strange as the will to buy separate auto insurance for their car. When it comes to insurance, it's better to stay under your parents' policy as a written driver for as long as you can because it'll be much cheaper than buying a policy on your own. The problem is that you have to reside in the same house as your parents in order to be included as a written driver and your no-claims experience under such a policy is not accumulated. However, it's definitely a great way to start your insurance history until you are able to afford a separate policy.

Take the time to shop around

Comparison shopping is crucial when it comes to auto insurance and with all those opportunities the Internet delivers these days it's really a crime to avoid comparing quotes from different insurers. Bear in mind that there will always be fluctuations in rates different companies will offer for the same policy with the equivalent coverage amounts included. So your aim is to find a policy that has the most competitive price with all the features you need. There are countless sites that allow you to compare quotes from different insurers in a matter of minutes, so comparison shopping is probably the easiest way to save on auto insurance for a teen driver.

Be a good student

As strange as it may sound, being a good student is welcomed by most insurance companies, and you can save a lot of money on auto insurance by getting excellent grades. Full-time students with an average of B and higher can opt for a special good student discount if they have a separate insurance policy. Insurers state that good students tend to be more responsible when it comes to driving and produce fewer accidents compared to their peers who aren't as good at school or college.

Consider an older vehicle

Driving an expensive car is definitely a dream for most teenagers. And most of them who can actually afford to get one either with the help of their parents or using own money don't hesitate buying a cool ride just to be able to impress their peers. Nevertheless, when it comes to insuring such a vehicle, the premiums can go sky high, especially if you're on a separate policy. If auto insurance costs are a cause for concern, consider starting with a cheaper, maybe even used car that will be cheaper to insure. And once you accumulate enough driving experience or manage to avoid any claims for a couple of years in order to get the respective discount you may consider getting a better vehicle.